Other Services

Action-Peek’s core products and services are photographic and videographic in nature. To complement, we include events hosting and coordination services to round off that complete package. Be it a private event or a corporate function, we have something for you. Below are a summary of what other things we offer. If you feel that there is something we can offer to make that event just that extra bit special, do not hesitate to contact us!

Action-Peek Instant Print Services:

Action-Peek Instant Print Services offers you the kind of flexibility you would like in engaging and interacting with your guests and providing them with a memorable souvenir. With our pool of talented and engaging photographers and coordinators, you will be having a memorable event in no time!

What you will be getting is a photographer roaming to capture photos of your guests and instantly printing them out in limited number of high quality prints. All shots will be stored in a disc and sent it back to you for keepsake.

In addition, we will be uploading all of these into our online gallery so that your guests will never have trouble finding it.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you think this would be a superb itinerary to include into that Dinner and Dance function you are planning, or that special Family Day you are looking forward to hosting. Or basically anything you wish to have it for!

Hosting and Event Planning Services:

If you are lost in your event planning, or you urgently need an Emcee for your event, we can help! As experienced events planners ourselves, we have experience in planning and hosting events. So do drop us a mail if you have queries for the following:
  • – Events Hosting
  • – Activity Planning for an Event
  • – Thematic Planning
  • – Event Coordination and Liaison
  • – Gifts and Souvenirs
  • – Videographers and Photographers

We look forward to creating a special and memorable event for yours truly.
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